H1 General Paper Tuition

H1 GP Tuition


Did you know that not all General Paper Tuition is designed equal?

How many of you students are struggling with answering the:


A)Short Answered Questions, Application Questions in Comprehension Passage component?


B) Argumentative style type of questions involving critical and structural writing skills in Essays?


C) Sieving out relevant Content Topics in Current Affairs News such as that of Politics or Religion, Science and Technology etc.


If you answered ‘Yes’ to the questions above; read on to find out how we can help.



Our H1 GP A-Level Courses are designed to in-built Junior College Students with a critical eye for details- Equipping them with workplace ready Written & Oral Communicative Skills.


These skills include:


– Independent Research Skills

– Reading & Memory Techniques

– Information Retrieval Methodologies

– Competent ability to evaluate through arguments & hold balanced opinions

– Creativity in Thought (Inculcate a Thought-Process within the student that is mature yet innovative)


How we are different from other General-Paper Tuition Courses?

Most GP lessons are conducted and focused heavily solely on content delivery.

Otherwise, it lacks imparting to students the thought process required to process of crafting out clear stand points and or counter rebuttals in their essays.

As a result, most students tend to regurgitate content knowledge and lacked the competency to write under exam conditions with clear and fluent expressiveness.

Worse still, they do not possess internalized skills

(Time Management, Question Analysis Techniques) required to “Ace” in GP H1 exams.  

A Top-Notch GP Program must hence ensure students internalize the skills to a proficient level.


Our GP crash courses will emphasis on the following:


1) Tailoring Content Topics to the needs of each student.

We understand that each individual’s interest(s) in key topics differ from the other person seated next to him or her.

Current affair Issues & Content knowledge hence is specifically sieved out by out GP tutors across various disciplines within local context and beyond to facilitate the GP lectures.


2) Imparting Comprehension Answering Focused Techniques.

In our GP Workshops (Part 1), J.C. students will learn how to analyze the question by identifying topic questions for Comprehension Paper 2.

Apply inferential techniques to understand the author’s message and gist of the passages.

Write a self-formulated response for A.Q. naturally with ease [In his or her own words.]


3) Infuse students in an interactive and engaging studying environment to stimulate live debate-style seminars.

To assist students in writing clear and fluent pointers in essays; they need to be eloquent and critically aware of global issues whilst being concerned for our nation Singapore’s progress.

Our GP seminars hence stresses on encouraging students to express their stand or viewpoints articulately.

This method will help students brainstorm ideas for their essays, approach questions from various perspectives.  


4) Imparting Essay Writing Techniques.

We teach students how to breakdown the questions and define keywords in the essay question.

Choose the right type of essay questions.

Use special paragraph planning techniques and structured templates to craft out impressive counter-rebuttal essays.


Do contact us at 65547170 to find our more about our general paper tuition.




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